Teams 2024

The table below shows registered Paddlers and their Teams for the TRENT100 - 2024 - (UPDATED 30/05/24)

Chris Lambert Alsatian’s Tail
Neil Painter Alsatian’s Tail
Colin Todd Alsatian’s Tail
Emily Crawshaw Bray Lake
Matthew Taylor Central SUP
Lorna Foley Central SUP
Nathan Ware Central SUP
Nick Bromley Central SUP
Zoe Power Central SUP
Mike Caves Central SUP
Lee Caves Central SUP
Gary Evans Central SUP
James Rea Central SUP
Niki Dent Central SUP
Russ Drewery Cool Runnings
Hannah Stockdale Cool Runnings
mick griffin Cool Runnings
Karen Millar Cool Runnings
Mark Treleaven-Jones Dee SUPerstars
Sean Treleaven-Jones Dee SUPerstars
Sara Edwards Dee SUPerstars
Jackie Williams Dee SUPerstars
Robin Koffler Dee SUPerstars
Earl Peacock Ditton Dolphins
Tim Scott Ditton Dolphins
Csaba Csordas Ditton Dolphins
Jo Kellard Ditton Dolphins
Emma Lamb Ditton Dolphins
Glenn Clifford Ditton Dolphins
Africa Gemma Calzon-Garcia Dodgy Dittons
Helen Smith Dodgy Dittons
Martin John Parker Dodgy Dittons
Paul McVicar Dodgy Dittons
Michelle Lloves Dodgy Dittons
Michael Frost
Dorset SUP Warthogs
Adrian Mccormick
Dorset SUP Warthogs
Steve Durnford
Dorset SUP Warthogs
Nico Viljoen
Dorset SUP Warthogs
Tea Wieland Dutch Chainbreakers
Carla Schellart Dutch Chainbreakers
Hugo Vernhout Dutch Chainbreakers
Wypkje Hamburg Dutch chainbreakers
Daron Walker Encounter Cornwall
Andrea Simons Encounter Cornwall
John Moore Encounter Cornwall
Julie Poole EpicLife
Pete O’neill EpicLife
Kevin Coda EpicLife
Glyn Smith
Faff Free or Faff Hard
Chris Macdonald
Faff Free or Faff Hard
Colin John Toms Flick’s Crew
Chloe Hurst Flick’s Crew
Felicity Hurst Flick’s Crew
Sarah Henton Flick’s Crew
Lukey hirst-amos Frangipani SUP
Nancy Aldred Frangipani SUP
Mike Ridsdill Smith Frangipani SUP
Fabienne Paul Frangipani SUP
Gavin Mason Gerbil SUP
Andy Scott Gerbil SUP
John Packer Gerbil SUP
Ursula Beck
Hammocks and Haggis
Lara Wilkes
Hammocks and Haggis
nikki downing
Hammocks and Haggis
Ana Teubler Ian Powis
Ruth Downs Ian Powis
claire longley Ian Powis
Ros Coen Ian Powis
Claire Hall Ian Powis
Clare Oakley Ian Powis
Catherine Bell Jersey SUPtastic
Catherine Keep Jersey SUPtastic
Louis Smit Jersey SUPtastic
Joanne Murray Jersey SUPtastic
Victoria Bagshaw Kingfishers
Isabelle Peterkin Kingfishers
Amy Watson Kingfishers
Alison Rennie Loch SUP
Allistair Swinsco Loch SUP
Fabio Barbosa Mark Chambers
Stephen Pearson Mark Chambers
Mark Chambers Mark Chambers
alex ayling Mark Chambers
Kevin Elliott Mark Chambers
Ryan Owens Mark Chambers
Tom Gale
Mothecombe Shark Patrol
Annabel Ewer
Mothecombe Shark Patrol
Dan Sloman
Mothecombe Shark Patrol
Maxine Cumberland
Mothecombe Shark Patrol
Peter McHugh Paddle 26
Kate Riley Paddle 26
Paul (Moz) Morris Paddle 26
Andrew Mills Paddle 26
Sarah Chisem Paddle 26
Mike Blanshard Paddle 26
David Randel Paddle Cabin
Graham Williams Paddle Cabin
Mark Millwood Paddle Cabin
Neil Greig Paddle Dads
Dan Wootton Paddle Dads
Tom Aust Paddle Dads
Rich Addyman Paddle Dads
Scott McGlashan
Paddleboard Events UK
David Roberts
Paddleboard Events UK
Lesley Robinson
Paddleboard Events UK
Malcolm Baron
Paddleboard Maidenhead aPIErol Sprintz
Graeme Smith
Paddleboard Maidenhead aPIErol Sprintz
Christian Lang
Paddleboard Maidenhead aPIErol Sprintz
Phil Crist
Paddleboard Maidenhead Pie Guys
Nick Stevens
Paddleboard Maidenhead Pie Guys
Gareth Jones
Paddleboard Maidenhead Pie Guys
David Chant
Paddleboard Maidenhead Pie Guys
Lydia Smith Paddlewomplers
Claire Litherland Paddlewomplers
Nicholas Roberts paddlewomplers
Matthew Edge Paddlewomplers
Hannah Brotherhood Paddlewomplers
Louise Jeans Paddlewomplers
Dean Oliver Paddlewomplers
Ian Jarvis
Plymouth Paddleboarders
Annabelle Yates
Plymouth Paddleboarders
Paul Hooper
Plymouth Paddleboarders
Nina Smith
Plymouth Paddleboarders
Philip Osmond
Plymouth paddleboarders
Joanne Bookless-Browne
Plymouth Paddleboarders
Maxine Cooper
Plymouth Paddleboarders
James Brown
Raiders of the last Trent
James Tuck
Raiders of the last Trent
Cassandra Thompson – jones
Raiders of the last Trent
david prosser
Raiders of the last Trent
Rebecca Downton
Raiders of the last Trent
Michael Smith Red Spirit
Suzanne Sheen Red Spirit
Patrick Cruywagen Red Spirit
Bronwyn Alt S-UP the Creek
Tanja Mcconville S-UP the Creek
Ciaran Nelson S-UP the Creek
Sophie Morton
Soggy Bottom Boarders
Jason Bowring
Soggy Bottom Boarders
Joshua Bowring
Soggy Bottom Boarders
Cheryl Parry Solo
Fiona Wassell Solo
Lynne Hawthorne
Southampton Sup Club
Andy Norris SUP Inzpire
Graham Basnett SUP Inzpire
Nick Bury SUP Inzpire
Adele Hadfield SUP Inzpire
Dave McDonald SUP Inzpire
lesley wilson SUP Sirens
Jen SUPerjen Moorhouse SUP Sirens
Maria Acosta SUP Voyage
Kate Coultrip SUP Voyage
Cathy Hudlass SUP Voyage
Shane Monkman SUP Yorkshire
Sarah Perkins SUP Yorkshire
Sarah Walker SUP Yorkshire
Lucy Small SUPaholic
Georgie Jobling SUPaholic
Christian Long SUPaholic
Steve Humphrey SUPaholic
Derek O’Neill SUPStars
Mike McDonald SUPStars
Jennifer Randall SUPStars
Simon Clarkson SUPStars
Jonny Stableford TEAM BAKEFAST
Stewart Riddick TEAM BAKEFAST
Esme Simpson Team Halo
Tom Monaghan Team Halo
Gregory Miners Team Halo
Steve Griffiths Team Princess
Russell Farrington Team Princess
James Grant Team Princess
Kiran Raval Team Princess
Jamie Harman Team Red
Lucy Pearce Team Red
David Haze Team Red
Liam Morrell Team Red
Michaela Afford Team SHAC
Steve Main Team SHAC
Grant Bristow Team SHAC
Paul Davids Team SHAC
Ben Pincher Team wet and mild
Mollie Allerton Team wet and mild
Ben West Team wet and mild
Charlotte Barton The 3 C’s
Charlotte Roberts The 3 C’s
Claire Johnson The 3 C’s
Paul Wilson The Bray Lakers
Fernando Silva The Bray Lakers
Barry Miller The Bray Lakers
Candice Betts The Bray Lakers
Cat Faulkes The Phoenix
Marie Wilson The Phoenix
philip Denis le seve The Phoenix
Matt Knight The SUPpets
Jamie Hutchinson The SUPpets
Will Penkman The SUPpets
Suzanne Hancox The SUPremes
Jenny Whiteside The SUPremes
Donna Stowe The SUPremes
Lisa Barker The SUPremes
Marie Howden The SUPremes
James Batty Trent 2024
Ian Maund Trent 2024
Nick Bartholomew Trent 2024
Adrian Rowley Trent 2024
Bill Griffiths Trent 2024 Faster
Abbey Griffiths Trent 2024 Faster
mark harrison Trent 2024 Faster
Sarah Howells Trent 2024 Slower
Vanessa Knowles Vanessa
Ceri Knapgate Wankered Sailors
Sam Norfolk-Booth Wankered Sailors
Murray Leiper Wankered Sailors
martin kerr West Coast Misfits
Angela kerr West Coast Misfits
Fiona Kearsley West Coast Misfits
Claire Burgess Wet & Easy
Lee Reynolds Wet & Easy
Laura Rees Wet & Easy
Lee Reynolds Wet & Easy
Karl Whitworth Yeller Belly Flyers
Peter Pearson Yeller Belly Flyers
Rick Smith Yeller Belly Flyers