August 50km Training Challenge

In the run up to the TRENT 100km two day team challenge in October we are setting some monthly training challenges. Here is the the first one for August. The challenge is to Run, Row or SUP a minimum of 50km during this period and a prize will be given to the person who clocks up the most verified kilometres. The catch is that at least 50% of the distance must be on a SUP.

FinalĀ Rankings

Paddler Total (Km)
Zoltan Erdelyi 455.12
Allistair Swinsco 321.5
Andrew Smith 223.86
Jan Johnson 191.1
Helen Dennison 186.7
Changiz Gaskin 146.43
Dave Mistry Pain 121
Jaega Victoria Andrew 118.4
Tom P. Hughes 117.99
Samantha Rutt 105.75
Fiona Bithell 100.65
Malcom Andrew 62.21
Dave Dunker Brown 60.4
Philip Mather 59.51
Andrew Mitchell 58.06
Mark Price 57.1
Charles Trigg 50.55
Keith Gorman 50.3
James Kay 48.53
Robert Powley 42.94
Matt Hough 39.6
Amanda Kelsey 18.4
Stacey Smithson-Grey 17.89
Rebecca Littlewood 3.21