Teams 2021

The table below shows registered Paddlers and their Teams for the TRENT100 - 2021 - (UPDATED 27/07/21)

First Name Last Name Team Name
Caroline Dawson 3 Lads + Lass
William Worthington 3 Lads + Lass
David partridge 3 Lads + Lass
Jonathan Gill 3 Lads + Lass
Victoria Williams
Backward paddlers, paddling backwards
Terry Marshall
Backward paddlers, paddling backwards
Rebecca Griffiths
Backward paddlers, paddling backwards
Philip Andrew
Backward paddlers, paddling backwards
frances watkin
Backward paddlers, paddling backwards
Lesley Hodge Bray Barbarians
Kevin Hodge Bray Barbarians
Candice Betts Bray Barbarians
chris collins Bray Barbarians
Nocka Tyers Central SUP 1
Dave Fathers Central SUP 1
Kim Foster Central SUP 1
Dave Scott Central SUP 1
Richard Ford Central SUP 1
Gary Evans Central SUP 2
Megan Collett Central SUP 2
Rob Stevens Central SUP 2
Lou Binns Central SUP 2
Megan Baker Central SUP 2
Nick Bromley Central SUP 2
Jan Banasik
Champagne SUPaNovas
Becky Amiss
Champagne SUPaNovas
Alli Belkessa
Champagne SUPaNovas
Nichola Luck Chaotic Celts
Evelyn Scarborough Chaotic Celts
Caroline Davies Chaotic Celts
hila coggans Chaotic Celts
Alice Francis Chaotic Celts
Russell Drewery Cool Runnings
Mick Griffin Cool Runnings
Hannah Stockdale Cool Runnings
Patrick Cruywagen Defender
Chloe Strudwick Defender
Harry Shipton Defender
Nic Palfrey Defender
Claire Turner Ditton Pirates
Anya Williamson Ditton Pirates
Ed Milnes Ditton Pirates
Andrew Stotesbury Ditton Pirates
Helen Williams Dorset Dollies
Sancha Butcher Dorset Dollies
Bobby Whitely Dorset Dollies
Sara Bennett Dorset Dollies
Sherril Buckles Gin SUP’rs
Connie Welsh Gin SUP’rs
Emma Parry Gin SUP’rs
Katrian Price Gin SUP’rs
Judy Morton NCSC
Russ Morton NCSC
Victoria Lockhart NCSC
amanda thompson NCSC
Allistair Swinsco
Northwest Paddleboards
Alison Rennie
Northwest Paddleboards
Sarah Henton Oxford Punters
Felicity Hurst Oxford Punters
Chloe Hurst Oxford Punters
jonny Hebert Oxford Punters
Donna Palfreman Oxford Punters
Robert Hughes Paddle Vibers
Rhiannon Thomson Paddle Vibers
Michael Povey Paddle Vibers
Lizzy Watts Paddle Vibers
Daniel Boast SUP Dude
Jamie Boast SUP Dude
Sam Wood SUP Dude
Jonathan Hulbert SUP Pilgrims
Alison Kennedy-Gill SUP Pilgrims
steven Massey SUP Pilgrims
Steve Humphrey SUPaholic
Paul Holmes SUPaholic
Dom Milner SUPaholic
Lucy Small SUPaholic
Matthew Amiss SUPernatural
James Grant SUPernatural
Paul Banasik SUPernatural
Glyn Smith Team Faff
Gavin Vaughan Team Faff
Ben Green Team Faff
Tom Ironmonger Team Faff
Deke Moran Team Faff
Amy Dunmore Team Faff
Victoria Priest Team Faff
Kirston Elton Team Faff
Michelle Kimbler Team Moxie
Sasha Chisholm Team Moxie
Colin Todd Team Moxie
Vikki Dawe Team Moxie
Rachel Havens Team Moxie
Neil Painter Team Moxie
Tim Tennant Team Moxie
Chris Lambert Team Moxie
Samantha Largan Trent Red
Robert Powley Trent Red
Kevin Last Trent Red
Lesley Robinson Trent Red
Dave Candeland Trent Red
andrew guthrie Trent Red
Andrew Smith XT-SUP
Alex Thornhill XT-SUP
Fiona Bithell XT-SUP
Tracy Worthington 3 Lads + Lass
Mike thompson
Amanda Thompson
Barbara Willits Central SUO
Charlene Holmes
Stuart Moody Cool Running
Stephen Traynor Cool Runnings
Alex Bower Ditton Pirates
Ian Welsh Gin SUP’rs
Ben Baker
Panda Board Sports
Sarah Louise Smith SUPWirral
James Tennant Team Moxie