Teams 2022

The table below shows registered Paddlers and their Teams for the TRENT100 - 2022 - (UPDATED 23/06/22)

First name Last name Team
Candice Betts Braywood
Lesley Hodge Braywood
Kevin Hodge Braywood
Steven Dodd Central SUP 1
James Rea Central SUP 1
Nocka Tyers Central SUP 1
Rob Stevens Central SUP 1
Megan Baker Central SUP 1
Dave Fathers Central SUP 1
Gary Evans Central SUP 2
Nataliya Beattie Central SUP 2
Lou Binns Central SUP 2
Nick bromley Central SUP 2
Benjamin Baker Central SUP 2
Niki Dent Central SUP 2
Megan Collett Central SUP 2
Matt Thursfield Chelmarsh – TBC
Neil Painter Chichester SUP Blue Team
Paul Nelson Chichester SUP Blue Team
Mitch Lomax Chichester SUP Blue Team
Isabelle Peterkin Chichester SUP Blue Team
Vikki Dawe Chichester SUP Green Team
Malcolm Piper Chichester SUP Green Team
Lynne Hawthorne Chichester SUP Green Team
Mike Rydiard Chichester SUP Red Team
Roman Humphreys Chichester SUP Red Team
Robert Acton Chichester SUP Red Team
Karl Jenkinson Chichester SUP Red Team
Jane Acton Chichester SUP Red Team
Mick Griffin Cool Runnings
Stephen Traynor Cool Runnings
Hannah Stockdale Cool Runnings
Karen Millar Cool runnings
Russell Drewery Cool Runnings
Samantha Lister Cool Runnings
Robert Hughes Eat Sleep SUP Repeat
Rhiannon Thomson Eat Sleep SUP Repeat
Chris Jennings Eat Sleep SUP Repeat
Joss Thomas Eat Sleep SUP Repeat
Tom Hughes Faff 2.0: faff harder
Ben Green Faff 2.0: faff harder
Kirston Elton Faff 2.0: faff harder
Glyn Smith Faff 2.0: faff harder
Colin Monk Faff 2.0: faff harder
Gavin Mason Gerbil SUP
John Bayles Gerbil SUP
Simon Robinson Gerbil SUP
John Packer Gerbil SUP
Emma Bird Gin SUP’rs
Emma Parry Gin SUP’rs
Katrina Price Gin SUP’rs
Connie Welsh Gin SUP’rs
Samantha Largan Heron & Hush
David Roberts Heron & Hush
Scott McGlashan Heron & Hush
Lesley Robinson Heron & Hush
Andrew Smith Heron & Hush
Steven Magee Island SUP
Kat Newbrook Island SUP
Tamsin Miles Island SUP
Maricel Jenkins-Belohorska Island SUP
Bruce Smith Keep calm and paddle on!
Karen Greener Keep calm and paddle on!
Casper Steinfath Keep calm and paddle on!
Niall Colquhoun Kilted Warrior
Alistair Swinsco Kilted Warriors
Alison Rennie Kilted Warriors
Julia Taylor Kilts + Celts
Caroline Dawson Kilts + Celts
Carwyn Humphreys Kilts + Celts
Jonathan Gill Dawson Kilts + Celts
David Stransky Kilts + Celts
Lee Reynolds Lee’s Lemons
Laura Rees Lee’s Lemons
Simon Tarrant Lees Lemons
Ben Grocott Mid Cheshire SUP
Nicola Park Mid Cheshire SUP
Helen Kirby Mid Cheshire SUP
Philip Hoggarth Mid Cheshire SUP
Richard Cooke Mid Cheshire SUP
Neil Croft Mid Cheshire Sup
Fran Watkin Oops SUP side your head
Philip Andrew Oops SUP side your head
Rebecca griffiths Oops SUP side your head
Terry Marshall Oops SUP side your head
Nancy Aldred Paddle Cabin
Andrew Halliday Paddle Cabin
Jo Taylor Paddle Cabin
Jonathan Wood Paddle Cabin
Sarah Woodcock Paddle Cabin
Jane Robson PaddleHers
Sarah Samadizadeh PaddleHers
Jessica Light PaddleHers
kirsty stark PaddleHers
Ian Jarvis Plymouth Paddleboarders
Paul Hooper Plymouth Paddleboarders
Helen Edwards Plymouth Paddleboarders
Zoe Reville REVSUP
Darren Revens REVSUP
Neasa Revens REVSUP
Jo Davis RippleRebels Flow
Jane Zak RippleRebels Flow
Abbie Orton RippleRebels Flow
Lynne Ruddick RippleRebels Wave
Dayna Lowe RippleRebels Wave
Cherie Whitby RippleRebels Wave
Vanessa Knowles RippleRebels Wave
Holly Chard RippleRebels Wave
Helen Nightingale Salt Birds
Jo Cudmore Salt Birds
Jo Langley Salt Birds
Lesley Wilson Salt Birds
Sancha Butcher Salt Birds
Abi Teale Salt Birds
Rachel Booton Salt Birds
Shanna Derwin Salt Birds
GILA JOFFE Sup Bandits
James Brown Sup Bandits
Kiran Raval Sup Bandits
Jon Hulbert SUP Pilgrims
Alison Kennedy-Gill SUP Pilgrims
Rebecca Abele SUP Pilgrims
Katrina Bailey SUP Pilgrims
Steve Massey SUP Pilgrims
Jennifer Moorhouse SUP Pilgrims
Clare Usher SUP Pilgrims
David Williams SUPerheroes
Scott Warley SUPerheroes
David Warley SUPerheroes
Pete Wannell SUPerheroes
Sophie Denton SUPerstars
tessa briggs SUPerstars
Claire Davis SUPerstars
Stephen Bosworth SUPWirral
Carri Westgarth SUPWirral
Richard Burgess SUPWirral
Dave Candeland SUPWirral
andrew guthrie SUPWirral
James Sutherland Team 1 Chelmarsh Chimps
William Worthington Team 1 Chelmarsh Chimps
david partridge Team 1 Chelmarsh Chimps
Maria Roche Team 2 Chelmarsh SUP – Sweat and Beers
Cathy Toone Team 2 Chelmarsh SUP – Sweat and Beers
nikki downing Team 2 Chelmarsh SUP – Sweat and Beers
Margaret Todd Team 2 Chelmarsh SUP – Sweat and Beers
Lara Wilkes Team 3 Chelmarsh Chellyfish
Alex Wilson Team 3 Chelmarsh Chellyfish
Sarah Wilson Team 3 Chelmarsh Chellyfish
Denyse Lane Team 4 Chelmarsh Chillin
David Spencer-Brown Team 4 Chelmarsh Chillin
Clare MacColl Team 4 Chelmarsh Chillin
Marc Wade Team Moxie
Darren Chisholm Team Moxie
Colin Todd Team Moxie
Chris Lambert Team Moxie
Alan Campbell Team Moxie
Kate Rivers Team Moxie
Sasha Chisholm Team Moxie
Michelle Kimbler Team Moxie
Alison Snell Team Moxie
Rachel Hanney Team Moxie
Michaela Afford Team SHAC
Julien Grouteau Team SHAC
Grant Bristow Team SHAC
Paul Davids Team SHAC
Lee Davis Tequila Mockingboard
Bruce Jacob Tequila Mockingboard
Debs Howard Tequila Mockingboard
Steve Tilbury Tequila Mockingboard
Fraser Withey The Floaters
Coralie Farren The Floaters
Matthew GOddard The Floaters
Timothy Downie The Last SUPrs
Johanne Evans-Randall The Last SUPrs
Loren Arlett The Last SUPrs
Karyn Clark Unknown Unsponsored Incapable
Damion Parry Unknown Unsponsored Incapable
Ben Brittain-Dodd Unknown Unsponsored Incapable
martin kerr West Coast Misfits
Angela Kerr West Coast Misfits
Lewis McLuckie West Coast Misfits
Susannah Macmillan What’s SUP 2
Lorna Allen What’s SUP 2
Dean Macmillan What’s SUP 2
Joey Macmillan What’s SUP 2
Vanessa curtis Wirral Waywards
PAUL CURTIS Wirral Waywards
Georgina Dewar Wirral Waywards
Simon Cash Wirral Waywards
Louise Barrett Wirral Waywards
Bill Caldwell Wirral Waywards
Gabrielle Lawson Yorkshire Puddins
Peter Knight Yorkshire Puddins
Karen Grant Yorkshire Puddins
Piers Newland Yorkshire Puddins
Rayne Easter-Robinson Yorkshire Puddins
Caroline Stevens TBC – team 1
Colin Brown TBC – team 1
Tony Jones TBC – team 1
James Grant TBC – team 1
daniel cogan TBC – team 2
Charlotte Brazier TBC – team 2
Lucy Elson TBC – team 2
Alison Tait TBC – team name
Baljit Balrow TBC – team name
Fran Boorman TBC – team name