Paddlers Advice

Heres some advice for all paddlers planning on entering the Trent100.. Listen up!


The TRENT100 is run by SALTWALK. The Organisation is referred to variously and interchangeably as ’SALTWALK’ the ’SW’, the ‘Organisation’, the ‘Organiser’, and the ‘Company’.  The event is run entirely by volunteers.

The rules of the TRENT100 must be read by all participants and their supporters.

All entries, with payment, must be received by 16:00 on the Sunday two weeks before the challenge.  NO LATE ENTRIES.

Competitors are responsible for the conduct of anyone who turns up to watch or support them. The terms “supporter” and “support crew” are used interchangeably in the TRENT100 rules and are taken as having the same meaning.

Failure to follow the instructions of police, traffic wardens, lock-keepers, marshals, umpires or any other organising staff regarding support of crews can jeopardise the future of the TRENT100 and may also result in your crew(s), team(s) or organisation(s) being subject to time penalties or even disqualification.

  1. The challenge is very strenuous and demanding. In bad weather, it can be extremely arduous and dangerous, particularly upper sections of the route because of the risk of strainers and bridges and on the wide exposed sections of the Trent due to wind and river traffic. Only experienced paddlers able to swim and who have trained rigorously for at least six to nine months prior to the challenge start date should attempt the Challenge.
  2. Spare no effort in training over long distances and in portaging locks with the weight of kit and with the board that you intend to use for the challenge. Train in all conditions, within reason, both by day, low light and by night. Information as to any special dangers on the non-Tidal Sow and Trent is available from the Environment Agency. Canal presents hazards of its own and must be incorporated in training All weirs, locks, major strainers and low bridges (in high water) must be portaged.  Therefore, it is essential you know your kit and are fit and able to carry it up, out and around obstacles effectively.
  3. Buoyancy aids and/or quick release coil leashes should be worn during all training sessions to familiarise yourself with your TRENT100 Challenge kit. It will also reduce the risk in the event of an incident occurring during long training paddles or the TRENT100 challenge.
  4. All TRENT100 Challengers must carry a current waterways licence for the canal and for the River Trent (Canal & River Trust). Do not use the waterways without the correct licence, as this could affect permission to run the TRENT100 in the future. Comprehensive British Canoeing membership incorporates both licence and third party public liability insurance.
  5. Paddlers must carry mobile phones (with their supporters’ numbers and the TRENT100 Control number 0800 06 999 10 pre-programmed) in a waterproof container with a spare battery or battery pack. TRENT100 Teams with virtual support crew must provide their number to the Organisers, and must carry that phone with them at all times – and check it at regular intervals.
Accommodation & Travel

Postcodes are given to help you when searching on accommodation websites. It is advisable to book your accommodation well in advance.

At The Start: Your journey is likely to start and finish at Nottingham Tram Park and Ride (NG11 8BF)

Start and Finish in Nottingham with TRENT100 Bus Service (NG11 8BF) We are providing a bus (limited to 56) if you are booked on a bus you will see this against your name on our website under 2017 teams. The bus will leave Nottingham (location TBC) at 6am sharp. We can not wait for anyone that’s late. We can transport your camping equipment and inflatable board only. No hard boards permitted on the bus. (Hard boards can be dropped with us at start line Thursday night, please contact us if you are doing this). The bus will stop at the overnight stop where you can offload your camping equipment. For those that want to leave vehicles at the overnight stop please get there Friday morning before 6:30am, you will be directed to the car park. The Bus will leave the top of the drive at 6:45am sharp, again we can not wait for any late comers. The bus will take you direct to the start line arriving approximately 7:30am where your equipment will be off loaded.

Safety Briefing (ST17 0XB):  The TRENT100 safety briefing will be held at the start line at 8am.

We are lucky to be able to access to this years start line via the amazing Shugbourgh Hall, for those making your own way here use post code ST17 0XB. Park in main car park (no vehicles can be left in this car park after 11:00am), you will need to walk down approx. 500 mtrs to the start line.

There are no facilities at the start line. If you require the toilet please visit the village shop the other side of the river, ask a Marshal for directions (if you spend a penny please spend a pound!). You will have ample time to prepare your equipment. All paddlers must be present at the safety briefing at 8:00am. On the start line, you will be issued with a wrist band and tracker which you will need along with the minimum mandatory equipment before we will allow you on the water. Starts will be staggered at intervals from 8:30am

At Trent Adventures: (Poplars Farm, Twyford, Barrow Upon Trent, Derbyshire, DE73 7HJ) Once you arrive at Trent Adventures you now you are passed the half way point. We expect paddlers to arrive between 3.30pm and 5:30pm We have a great location for you to hang out and cheer the teams across the line. Here there are hot showers, refreshments, massages and some other cool surprises! We will eat together at around 6pm. You will have time to setup camp and freshen up before the Mystery Tour begins at 7pm, we will all be back at camp for the SUP Cinema by 9:30pm, where we can relax and socialise then turn in for the night for a great nights sleep. Bell tent camping (shared) is available, please bring roll matt / sleeping bag. We have limited availability so again please check the team page on our website to see if you have been allocated one. For those of you in vans please note that there is no access for vehicle collection on Saturday night, please park your van outside the camp site, and collection can be made between 9am and 12pm on Sunday. Breakfast will be served 8am with paddler briefing at 8:30am, we will be on The water from 9:30am.

Finish Line At Nottingham: (Trent Bridge, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5FB).  This is your finial stop, time to rest, eat great food, listen to the entertainment and at the Nottingham Riverside Festival.  This location is surrounded by large sporting venues like Nottingham Forest Football stadium and Trent Bridge Cricket ground so that means there are lots of places stay overnight before you catch the train, drive or fly back home to share stories of your adventure.

We expect paddlers to arrive between 2:30pm and 4:30pm into Nottingham Riverside Festival, this years finish is very different, when you reach Trent Bridge we will send you back up river to the last bridge and then back down to Trent Bridge to make it the full 100km! No landing of boards permitted at Trent Bridge, you will need to make the short 200m paddle down to the Nottingham Kayak Club where you can store your board for the night (collection between 10am and 1pm Sunday), take a shower and grab a drink. Closest parking at Clifton South Tram Park and Ride (post code NG11 8BF) with a short tram ride to festival site. Feel free to grab some food back at the festival site. Party and presentations start at 6pm at the Riverside Bar at Trent Bridge, food if you have ordered during the registration process will be served at 7:30pm, fireworks at 10:30pm and dancing until late!

Accommodation at the finish:  Nottingham is a very busy city especially with the festival and as such has lots of places to stay from cheap to luxury prices.  The Igloo Hybrid Hostile and the National Watersports Centre are a 10 minute taxi ride from the finish line, is very reasonably priced.  Links are here:

Igloo Hybrid Hostel (Wheeler Gate) – Click here for direct booking link. – Save 10% with promotional code TRENT100

Igloo Backpackers Annexe and Pods (Mansfield Road) – Click here for direct booking linkSave 10% with promotional code TRENT100

National Watersports Centre Camping (£17 per pitch, £21 per pitch with electric per night) – Click here for direct booking link

Entry Changes

All changes must be notified promptly to the TRENT100 Team.  At Shugborough, all challengers must provide the number of a working mobile phone for their Chief Supporter or Team Leader so they can be contacted in an emergency.

Challenge Changes

If the river is in flood we may have to move the start line or take out sections of the river that become dangerous.  You will be informed of this at the safety briefing and logistics will be put on to relocate the start of the TRENT100 to this new location.

Challenge Times

A full list of provisional finish times and board types will be posted on the Internet on the Monday following the challenge and a finalised set sent to each crew shortly after the Challenge. This event wants to encourage and reward teamwork, fair play and the spirit of adventure.  As such there will be no podium prizes.  Every person will receive a unique finishers reward and their teams details up on the website in the hall of fame with their finishing time.  There will be prizes for achievement and sportsmanship and these will be voted on by the support crews and TRENT100 Challenge Team.

Potential Challenge Hazards & Risks
  1. All other board traffic including rowing boards with limited rearwards visibility presents a potential hazard. Class V passenger vessels on the Trent, moored barges and large boards berthed on the Trent, are to be avoided at all times. Never approach or attempt to moor up to tethered boards as you may be swept under them. Allow powered craft to use the centre of the canal as they require more draft. Remember that other boards are generally less maneuverable than stand up paddle boards.
  2. Road traffic when portaging across roads. Support crews should watch for fast-moving traffic. TRENT100 marshals may be present at some road crossings but have no authority to stop traffic so always give way to traffic.
  3. Stakes in the water and other submerged obstacles can easily damage
  4. Low bridges can cause serious head injury. If in doubt, you must   TRENT100 Safety Marshals will be present at major hazards for support only.  It is your responsibility to manage your team’s own safety on the water at all times.
  5. Trees in the river can be a serious risk of entrapment and drowning. If in doubt, you must TRENT100 Safety Marshals will be present at major hazards for support only.  It is your responsibility to manage your team’s safety on the water at all times.
  6. Do not drink canal or river water.
  7. Do not trespass.
  8. Aggressive swans. Nesting birds are dangerous.  Portage when they are actively aggressive.
  9. Extreme weather in October can cause anything from sunburn and heatstroke to exposure and hypothermia. Be aware of the risks of wearing inadequate or inappropriate clothing especially at night. Always dress for the conditions, remember long-sleeved and long-legged thermals help retain heat when wet. Lots of spare clothing is advised.
  10. Dehydration, severe fatigue, cuts, bruises and severe blistering can all be expected.
  11. Locks & Weirs – Always portage keep well clear especially during times of high river levels.
  12. Weil’s Disease is a RARE but very serious illness. It is cause by bacteria carried in the urine of rats (and some other animals), which get into the waterways. Full guide to prevention and treatment is contained HERE